Services Offered

Product Registration

INTERMED is well aware that all the government drug regulatory agencies across the globe wants to ensure that all products made available to its people conform to acceptable standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

INTERMED respects and support these regulations and will always assist our Customers, to meet the health demands of their population.

INTERMED has registered hundreds of our pharmaceuticals worldwide. Our highly experienced registration department deals with all matters relating to the registration of our products. Our customers rely on our experience and competent staff to complete product registration effectively and efficiently.

We also empathize with our customers that the registration takes several months or even years and will stick by our customers, until the product(s) are approved and importation of our products can be initiated.

We have a large team of Pharmacists, Science graduates and microbiologists working in our regulatory department and are abreast with the specification of each country and also to compile CTD dossiers.

Facility Inspection

Inspection of manufacturing facilities on the basis of compliance with GMP is a vital element of drug control. INTERMED supports WHO initiatives aimed at improving inspection and will always try to increase the frequency and number of inspections by the inspectors from Ministry of Health and Pharmacy Board of various countries.


Proper documentation is essential in almost every aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. Whether for product registration, factory inspection, or internal quality control, INTERMED employs the latest technologies to streamline and process information.

INTERMED facilities possess up-to-date Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Essential product registration documents, such as the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (COPP), Free Sales Certificate (FSC), Certificate of Origin (COO), and Marketing Authorizations are among the many documents our registration department frequently submits for registration purposes.

Likewise, technical files are repeatedly checked for consistency and accuracy

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